What types of leads do you provide?
We provide quality leads for auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, mortgage loans, refinance, and home services.

How detailed is the information in your leads?
We try to collect all of the data you need to provide the customer a quote without having to ask them for additional information.  If you are looking for leads that have more specific information please contact us for assistance.

How much do your leads cost?
The cost of individual leads varies depending on the type of lead and the amount of lead filters you require. To receive specific information about lead pricing please call us at 866-337-5072.

What can I do if I receive a lead that had invalid information?
If you feel that you have received leads that contain invalid or inaccurate information please contact us and request a credit for the lead.

What can I do to control the number of leads I receive in a month?
The number of leads we send will vary from month to month.  If you would like to receive more leads try removing some of your lead filters.  If you would like to decrease the amount of leads you are receiving try increasing your lead filters or reducing the geographic area you are targeting.  If you need assistance with adjusting your lead volume our account services representatives would be happy to help you.

How Recent Are Your Leads?
All leads are delivered in real time so you receive a potential customer’s information immediately after completing our form.  This gives you the greatest opportunity to turn leads in to sales.

Do you offer discounts for certain companies?
To inquire about special pricing and discounts feel free to call us at 866-337-5072.

Do you send leads to multiple agents at the same company?
No. We only send a lead to one agent per company.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.
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